Welcome To FullSail

Welcome to FullSail, this is our first official blog! The doors to our new office have been open just a couple months now, and It’s been a lot of work getting everything working correctly. Between the web sites, phones, marketing, ad wall, computers, QuickBooks, and everything else that takes to run the office. Time has gone by quickly already.

With Real Estate Property still in pretty high demand along the coast and particularly in the Charleston region, we are optimistic that it will continue over the coming years. Especially with the influx of overseas buyers that are pumping money into the economy. The impact of globalization on the real estate industry has been fast and furious in recent years. International buyers purchased an estimated $68.2 billion in U.S. property during the 12 months ending March 2013. Going global is something RE/MAX did a long time ago. With more than 18,000 agents in over 80 countries outside the U.S. and Canada, and many of them work directly with buyers and sellers (especially on vacation properties and second homes). RE/MAX agents around the world are exchanging referrals all the time.

One of the things that concerned me over the years is the reluctance for buyers or sellers to use a professional Realtor. I always thought of it this way, your home is probably the most expensive purchase, or the single largest commitment to own anything that you will do. Hopefully if it was bought correctly, this will actually appreciate in value, and yet this is one of those things in life most people know very little about. Yet on the other hand, most people know more information about the vehicle they purchased, which typically is a very poor investment, and depreciates in value the minute the paperwork is signed. If you had a toothache, do you shop for the dentist that claims to fix it for the cheapest? Or do you look for a respected professional to help with the pain? My point is, your home is probably the most valuable item you will have, and why would you trust this to any ones help that is not a respected professional?

With our Unique Lowcountry state of the art office. 70-inch wireless monitor in comfortable seating area, impressive conference room seats 8, also three private offices and three work stations for clients. Xfinity Wireless Hotspot. Stop in for a visit and walk to lunch at Melvin’s BBQ, Jersey Mike’s Subs, O’Brien’s Pub, Saltwater Grill, Bagel Nation, or sit out side and have a yogurt at TCBY!